Our Services

TIS NIGERIA LIMITED adopts LEAN Project manpower system and operational approach focused on providing an all-inclusive.

One-stop customer services at the best of standards through the adoption of continuous training and retraining of our project delivery team and management personnel with much emphasis on commitment to quality, response time, zero rework and adaptive cost management in line with company and industry specified standards and codes. Our teams of project professionals have extensive multi-disciplinary experience in engineering systems, services and project delivery.

We have as one of our operational strategies, established an all-inclusive and extensive project support technical partnerships with experienced professionals (Nigerians & Foreign Nationals), who are readily available per project basis to offer advanced solutions, technology and


Tiliz Services Limited is an indigenous Nigerian Company (RC: 1141519) owned and operated by top class Nationals with its operational base in Nigeria. We have been established since 11hth September 2013 as a private limited liability company. Our core business focus is on Engineering, Procurement, Technical Manpower Supply and Project Management Services. Our goal is to delight our clients with innovation, speed of delivery and technical leadership.

Environment / Waste Management

Our dedicated transfer fleet provides specialist waste removal from both domestic and industrial sites, our ‘carrier’s license enables us to quickly and efficiently transport the waste to our licensed transfer station or an alternative authorized disposal point. Our waste transfer quantities of oily water, drilling mud/cuttings and oil contaminated soils/gravel in addition to a diversity of chemicals, materials and products, all of which are categorized as ‘special waste’. We’ll help your business meet its environmental obligations with our comprehensive portfolio of services and capabilities:

Waste Treatment Solutions, Vacuum Tankers, Waste Sampling, Waste Removal, Disposal Service, Emergency Response Team, Treatment of Oil Contaminated Soil, Treatment of Oily Water, Drilling Mud / Cuttings, Barites and Powders

Civil Engineering and Construction

Progress inspection at the shopping complex

Pre-modification reroofing work in progress

  • Land / Soil Survey
  • Asphalting
  • Construction / Rehabilitation / Routine maintenance
  • Construction of virgin oil field locations and related access roads
  • Reconstruction of work over oil field locations and Access Roads
  • Dams and retaining walls
  • Bore-hole drilling and tanks construction
  • Bridges and Jetties
  • Public facilities - stadia, parks, abattoirs, markets, schools, etc
  • Test services
  • Building Construction, modifications and maintenance


We are a full service Hydraulic Dredging & Marine Contractor. We specialize in hydraulic dredging of harbors, dry docks, rivers, lakes, marinas, ponds, intakes & environmental sediment ponds. As a complete Marine Contractor we can fulfill your project requirements such as installation of underwater utilities, municipal water intake and supplies, waste water discharge & pipeline construction and their replacement. We are also a full service commercial diving company, with expertise in underwater construction and inspection reporting.

TIS NIGERIA LIMITED also offer standalone consultancy services to enable potential customers to determine whether a dredging project should be undertaken or not. These services include:

Initial survey to determine volume of silt to be removed. Sediment analysis using specialist soil personnel to determine if silt is suitable and available Application for Waste Exemption Certificates, including liaison with Environment Agency to demonstrate that silt will have a positive environmental impact. Services searches with local gas and electricity companies to ensure that no submerged pipelines will be affected.

Our Dredging Service covers the following:

  • Wellhead sweeping
  • Canalization
  • Riverbed sweeping
  • Stockpiling
  • Trenching

General Supplies

To transform the energy services landscape by providing cutting-edge technology, transformational processes and quality individuals that positively impact our client's projects life cycle.

Environmental Engineering

From planning through remediation, TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED works with clients to responsibly manage environmental risk and respond appropriately to the concerns of both the public and regulators through joint venture company — TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED - renowned environmental services and waste management experts. Whether designing new facilities or rehabilitating existing ones, TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED experts employ technology with sensitivity to protecting the environment in a cost-effective, functional manner.

Storm water

  • Floodplain management
  • Culvert design
  • Road Improvements
  • Road maintenance programs
  • Plans & specifications
  • Evacuation & segregation.