About Us

TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED being a multi-discipline, multiclient engineering company offers a wide range of services and solutions under its various portfolios focused on meeting the operational needs of our clients in all sectors.

TIS NIGERIA LIMITED is a company duly registered in the year 2013 with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No: RC1141519

We work with clients to manage their supply chain by developing customized procurement services. From low value agreements to project management, TIS NIGERIA LIMITED has the experience, expertise, the quality strength to execute the job scope per customer requirement.

The company manages its business more efficiently and effectively through the innovative use of new technology. This provides benefits to its customers and underpins its growing reputation for delivering projects safely, on time, and within budget.

TIS NIGERIA LTD’s growing list of satisfied customers includes private companies operating within the Public Sector, established construction companies, contracting companies, international oil and gas and petrochemical companies and state governments.

A team approach gives us the platform to combine the strengths of our people, our clients and our consultants to raise the standard of excellence and surpass client expectations. We listen to our clients, ask relevant questions, define the issues, evaluate and integrate information and then provide intelligent solutions that are supported by each team member. Team leadership is critical, so we ensure that experienced managers coordinate and facilitate the efforts of team members.

Mission Statement

To be a one stop solution provider for all engineering support services - Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Marine & Environmental Management.

To continually improve services rendered to our highly esteemed clients by employing the technology delivered with impeccable integrity and outstanding excellence.

Vision Statement

To transform the energy services landscape by providing cutting-edge technology, transformational processes and quality individuals that positively impact our client's projects life cycle.

Our Values

The foundation of TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED has been in its verifiable quality strength, demonstrated management expertise and in the committed and synergistic alliances it has nurtured and developed with its clients, vendors, sub-contractors and employees.

We recognize that however our achievements to date are judged, the quest for improvement is never ending - a culture, summarized in six principles:

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Client Focused

We take pride in our work and endeavor to provide the best solution possible for our clients.

TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED provides planning and site development services from initial site investigations and feasibility studies through completed drawings and the construction phase. These services include physical site analyses, ordinance reviews, preparation of land development plans and documents; permit applications, construction support, and waste disposal. Projects include residential, commercial, industrial and institutional subdivisions and land development

  • Feasibility Studies/Yield Analysis
  • Grading Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Designs
  • Utility Layout
  • Landscape and Lighting Plans
  • Active Recreation including playing fields, running tracks and stadiums


Core Group-key Personnel

TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED maintains a core group of highly skilled individuals that possess a wide range of complementary skills. After years of knowing one another and working together, we can respond quickly, confident in the abilities of those around us.

Mr. Abidemi A.: has years of experience in the mechanical and structural engineering field. He has extensive experience in the design and construction management of various heavy mechanical/civil projects including bridges, roads and highways, buildings, and water/wastewater facilities. He also has demonstrated strong project management skills for various public clients. He is currently responsible for corporate oversight of Structural, and Construction Observation. With a team of other Project Engineers with good environmental engineering skill that can help develop our dear state in the following ways. Commercial, Industrial, land development, road and highway design, storm water management and waste management. In his tenure with TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED. He has gained extensive experience in business development and business financial management.

Our Other Experts

Although the people within TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED. Are highly skilled in their respective areas, we are not experts in every facet of our clients’ businesses. We draw upon a select pool of individuals, companies, when necessary to supplement our skill set or simply ensure that sufficient manpower is available. By maintaining long-term relationships with contractors like we are able to quickly retain the necessary skills and manpower for any assignment we undertake.


1 Project Logistics Services Ltd No 5 Abak Road Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Technical Partner Engineering/Marine Equipment
2 U-Agent Global Services Igbo Etche Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Technical Partner Fabrication/Heavy duty and Crane Equipment
3 Cheval Equipment Company No 96, Port Harcourt, Aba Express Way Technical Partner Oil tools, Marine, Welding and Safety


  • 16”x16” jet dredger
  • 16”x16” Cutter Suction dredger
  • 18”x16” Cutter Suction dredger
  • 18”x18” jet dredger
  • 20”x18” jet dredger
  • 26”x 24” Suction dredger


  • 22”x20” Cutter Suction dredger
  • 36”x34” Cutter Suction dredger


  • CAT Model Bulldozer
  • Excavators
  • Mack Tipping Trucks
  • Compatible evacuator
  • Bucket loader


The Directors recognize their responsibility to ensure the prevention of pollution and so far as is reasonably practicable, that the operations of the Company do not have a detrimental effect on the environment.

It is our aim to promote and maintain a high level of environmental performance. While our operations generally have a limited impact or effect on the environment, we are committed to safe working methods and practices, to help ensure the environment is not adversely affected by what we do at work. To this end an Environmental Management system, to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:

The implementation of the policy and the system is the responsibility of the Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, Safety Advisors, Employees and the Heads of specialist departments. We expect the cooperation of all employees to enable us to meet our Environmental Management system obligations and responsibilities.

The Company will undertake to educate and instruct our workforce on the importance of environmental protection and place great care on site care and cleanliness.

The Company will periodically assess its environmental objectives and will undertake audits of performance in this area.

The Company will undertake to afford protection to natural resources and endeavor to ensure that lasting or permanent damage is not caused by our operations. In addition the Company will operate a programme of ongoing improvement to reduce the impacts of the Company’s activities on the environment, which will be reassessed at each Management Review.

Recycling and re-use of materials will be carried out where possible and, where this is not possible, due care will be exercised in respect of the disposal of waste. The Company will operate as efficiently as possible with the aim of reducing energy and resource consumption. All operations will take due cognizance of Environmental Legislation, standards, Codes of Practice and statutory requirements.

The cleanest practicable systems and technologies will be used with the intention of minimizing and/or eliminating the production of potential pollutants. Assessments of the environmental effects of proposed activities will be undertaken and appropriate control measures put in hand. The company will work to the Environmental requirements of clients.

This policy will be reviewed annually to conform to new and amended legislation and industry standards and to implement the company’s commitment to continuous improvement by assessing and where necessary amending and improving our operational procedures to ensure that Environmental risks are prevented.


The Board of Directors recognize and accept their responsibilities to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working place and working environment for all their employees and any other person who may be affected by the Companies’ activities.

To control and guide the Companies’ Policy in these matters the undersigned has been appointed. It is the Board’s continuing aim to promote and maintain a high standard of safety by providing and maintaining:

  • Adequate resources to meet Health & Safety requirements.
  • Plant, equipment and systems of work that is safe.
  • Arrangements for the safe use, storage and transport of articles and substances.
  • Sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision including work related road safety, to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work.
  • Adequate welfare facilities.

Every employee has a part to play in the implementation of this Policy and in particular has a duty to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts and / or omissions and to co-operate to ensure the highest levels of safety are maintained. The active cooperation of all employees is encouraged.

All employees are encouraged to be involved and participate in Health & Safety matters by joint consultation with the Company through safety representatives and safety committees, where appointed, in accordance with relevant regulations and by site safety meetings. Safety Consultants shall provide a general and when necessary, detailed Health & Safety advisory service to the Company, the degree of involvement being as requested by the Directors.

In order to implement the Policy, certain duties and authority are delegated and assigned throughout the organization and management structure. General duties and working rules are laid down separately but form an overall part of the Policy.

This Policy will be reviewed annually to conform to new and amended legislation and industry standards to implement the Company’s Policy of continual improvement by assessing and where necessary amending and improving our operational procedures to ensure that risks are properly mitigated and procedures are duly adhered to.


TILIZ INTERGRATED SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED shall continue to identify with the needs and aspirations of hers and client’s host communities in the execution of its operation.

The company is of the view that it shall not operate in isolation and therefore shall liaise with client’s communities, relevant government departments and others in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere.

The company shall also ensure the building sustenance of solid harmonious relationship with client and communities and shall exhaust every known peaceful strategy to resolved conflict in case of any disagreement.


QA improves the quality of our specifications, through guidelines and reviews of specifications at critical stages of their development.

QA promotes wide deployment and proper implementation of these specifications through articles, tutorials and validation services.

QA communicates the value of test suites and helps Working Groups produce quality test suites.

QA designs effective processes that, if followed, will help groups achieve these goals.


  • Its capability to plan, design, construct and maintain a variety of projects to the satisfaction of its clients,
  • Its ability and experience to mobilize and start any kind of project in Nigeria in a record time supported by the commitment and strength of its personnel.